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 Nathan Netelenbos

Hello Beaumont, I'm Nathan Netelenbos, a bilingual, long-term resident running for Beaumont council. I was born and raised in a law enforcement family that fostered strong values. I am a proud family man with two strong-willed, hard-headed boys and a beautiful, bright & successful wife. As someone who has lived in this community for many years, I have seen its growth and changes firsthand. I understand many of our resident's unique needs and concerns and am committed to addressing them effectively.
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Beaumont Alberta Council, vote Nathan Netelenbos
Beaumont Alberta Council


Nathan's community involvement and volunteer work showcase his passion for giving back. As the Vice President of the Beaumont Soccer Association since 2018, he has demonstrated his ability to lead and collaborate with others to achieve common goals. He understands the importance of community engagement and knows how to unite people to work towards a shared vision.
His extensive professional background in senior corporate roles, particularly in the construction industry, has equipped him with valuable strategic planning, budget management, and decision-making skills.
In one of his most recent roles, Nathan has demonstrated his ability to manage complex projects and ensure operational efficiency. Furthermore, Nathan's experience in various Director/Senior Management roles focusing on Security, Health, Safety, Environment, and Human Resources demonstrates his dedication to ensuring the well-being and safety of those around him. His commitment to the welfare of others extends beyond his immediate family to the community he serves.

Notably, Nathan's journey has given him a comprehensive understanding of local businesses' challenges and opportunities. This experience allows him to empathize with small business owners and advocate for policies that foster economic growth and prosperity in Beaumont. Nathan's diverse professional background, which spans industries like construction, sales, and hospitality management, has given him a unique perspective on the town's various sectors and the needs of its residents.
From working on construction sites to managing sales teams and hospitality establishments, Nathan has gained practical knowledge directly applicable to the daily lives of Beaumont's residents. His ground-up approach to building his career means he understands the concerns and struggles of ordinary people in the community. This perspective enables him to connect with residents personally and find practical solutions to their problems.
As a candidate for council, Nathan is dedicated to bringing positive change to Beaumont. His passion for community service, combined with his professional expertise, makes him an ideal candidate to address the town's challenges and promote its growth and prosperity. If elected, he promises to be a strong advocate for the residents of Beaumont, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met. With Nathan at the helm, the town can look forward to a future of progress, unity, and prosperity for all.
Beaumont Alberta Council, vote Nathan Netelenbos




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