My experience and platform

Nathan Neudorf
Contestant for Lethbridge East
United Conservative Party

As we approach the final stages of our nomination race in Lethbridge East for the United Conservative Party I will be sharing more of my experience and platform with members starting with this letter.

I believe that the past 24 years of living and working in Lethbridge have given me a uniquely experienced skill set to draw upon in this campaign with the hope of becoming the next MLA for Lethbridge East.

I was born and raised on a small farm in the lower mainland of BC.  My wife, Deanne, and I were married and moved to Lethbridge in 1994 where she has worked at the Chinook Regional Hospital as an Emergency Room RN for the past 21 years.

We have raised a family of 5 children, driving them, coaching them and watching them in numerous sports, music, dance and school activities right up to their current involvement at the UofL and Lethbridge College, WCHS and Wilson Middle School.

In the time we have been in Lethbridge I have pursued entrepreneurial opportunities and started three successful businesses. Until recently I was a Project Manager for Ward Bros. Construction, a position I have held for the past 7 years.  I have worked with both the public and private sectors including all levels of government, LSD #51, Holy Spirit SD and the Palliser SD, as well as the UofL, College and City of Lethbridge.  For the past 9 years, I was also involved in the Lethbridge Construction Association working through many roles on the Board and being involved with WCB, Alberta Construction Safety Assoc. and two trips with TEAM Lethbridge.

This experience has been the launching point into my seeking the nomination for the United Conservative Party.

I believe that small business is the backbone of our economy and that a smaller, proactive government that removes burdens of unnecessary legislation and taxation on business will bring back the Alberta Advantage.  Once we strengthen our economy and provide jobs and a future for all Albertans including the next generation entering the workforce we can go to work on balancing the budget and paying off debt.

Being a strong advocate for families and their right to have a voice in the education of their children, working with educators and not against them is something I am also very passionate about, having 5 children of my own.

Lethbridge is an incredible place to live and work.  Having a diverse and stable economy it deserves a strong advocate in Edmonton to share its advantages and promote future opportunities in economic growth.  Sustainable, stable and predictable funding is needed in every sphere of regional governance from the Municipal Sustainability Initiative to health care and recreation to economic development. Empowering local authorities builds capacity and ability within those communities.

We also have our share of challenges that need to be responsibly addressed – the Safe Consumption Site being one.  What is the ultimate purpose, harm reduction or freedom from addiction?  How are we going to attain that result? How do we address the impact on neighbouring communities and businesses? Where is the best location for this Centre and how do we have positive consultation with those affected? Good government listens to all sides of this debate, addresses issues that were unforeseen and takes responsibility when things don’t turn out as planned.

I believe in honesty, integrity and hard work, these words have been guiding principles in my life and business and I would like to use them as your voice and advocate for Lethbridge East, on February 9th please support me and vote Nathan Neudorf for your UCP representative.