Endorsement from Tom Wicksham

I am glad to have this endorsement from a former Fire Chief of Lethbridge, as well as a former City of Lethbridge Councillor. Tom has been a strong advocate in our community and I am very proud to have his support!

Endorsement of Nathan Neudorf from Tom Wickersham

Nathan is an extremely hard-working and community-minded leader who functions with honesty and integrity. Out of a true desire to serve others, he originally put his name forward to run as a candidate in Lethbridge East. Several months later, Nathan learned that another individual was entering the race. This individual had the makings of an excellent Finance Minister and would be a significant asset to the UCP. In his desire to do what was best for the party, Nathan stepped out of the race and gave his blessing to the new candidate.

Subsequently, Nathan put his name forward as a contestant for the UCP Livingstone-MacLeod electoral district. Nathan’s knowledge of policy, tireless energy, and interest in people carried him to second place out of three contestants.  

When the preferred contestant for Lethbridge East was unable to enter the nomination contest, Nathan was asked by friends and supporters to once again run as a nomination candidate. Throughout the entire process I have watched as Nathan has functioned with dignity and respect while putting forward vision that will serve Lethbridge well.

Nathan Neudorf is a great choice and worthy of your vote in the UCP Lethbridge East nomination contest.”