Endorsement from Roger Simpson

I am glad to have the endorsement of Roger as a business owner in our community. Roger and I have had a great working relationship over the years and have had many great discussions on how to make it easier for economic development in our community. Economic development helps us create jobs and through tax revenue helps us fund things that make our community a better more inclusive place. I am thankful for Rogers personal and professional support.

“I have known Nathan for the better part of 20 years. In that time, I have seen Nathan grow into a great person. He leads by example in both as a professional business person as well as a family man.

As a business owner, he managed his dedicated staff, promoted business ethics, always put people ahead of profit and seem to always do the right thing for the entire team. He is the epiphany of integrity. Regardless of the potential profits, Nathan made sure to honor his relations and commitment to the projects and the community around him over the bottom line of a financial statement.

As a family man in the community I have witnessed him as a mentor to the next generation as a volunteer coach in sports and other kids activities. He has always made time for people and listening to the needs of his community.

If Nathan is successful in becoming the UCP representative for Lethbridge East, I truly believe he will put forth his best efforts and tackle any and all issues head on and will lead with integrity. Nathan will continue to make himself accountable and accessible to all the people in his community and constituency.

Roger Simpson”