Endorsement from Roger Reid

While Roger and I ran against each other in Livingstone-McLeod for the UCP nomination, I found we agreed on a number of issues and always treated one another with great respect. I greatly appreciate his support going into this nomination contest and I am sure if we are both successful in our races in the general election we will have a great working relationship advocating for our constituents.

“The re-election of the NDP in Alberta is not an option. We must elect candidates to Edmonton that are engaged with the people they are elected to serve. Nathan Neudorf is a dedicated, hard working individual committed to the people of Lethbridge-East and Alberta. Nathan has strong family values and strong business acumen. He understands commitment and hard work and what it means to invest for a return and balance a budget. He has spent hours meeting and listening to the people of southern Alberta. Nathan has already shown himself as one who is not afraid of hard work, long hours and most significantly, willing to take the time to listen to people. I am proud to support Nathan in his nomination and hope you will vote for him in the upcoming Lethbridge-East nomination.

— Roger Reid, UCP Candidate for Livingstone Macleod “